Welcome to The Centre of Excellence in FPGA and ASIC Research (CEFAR)

The Center of Excellence for FPGAs/ASIC Research seeks to emerge as an International Modern Technological Center responsive to latest technological developments and trends in the field of FPGAs and promote FPGA based system designing research in areas including Cryptology, Video and Image Processing, DSP and Networks-on-Chip, thus dedicated to excellence and committed to international perspective.



  • To sit at the critical interface between the academic and commercial engineering worlds
  • To produce highly skilled design engineers and researchers to meet the needs of the rapidly changing global semiconductor industry

The research scope includes FPGAs in Particular, and its applications from the domain of Cryptographic Hardware, Video and Image Processing, DSP and Networks-on-Chip in General. Currently, two major research groups are conducting research in areas of ASIC/FPGA designs and cryptographic hardware.

These groups are: