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Centre of Excellence in FPGAs/ASIC Research (CEFAR) has been established at NIIT.

The two sub groups of CEFAR are:
1.) Group for Reseach in ASIC/FPGA (GRAF) and
2.) Group for Research in Reconfigurable Architectures for Security in Communication (GRASiC).

At the GRASiC Lab, we have state of the art equipment for the research projects.

The detail of hardware and software tools present at the GRASiC Lab is given  as follows:

  • Hardware

  1. High Performance Computers with Quad Core Intel Processors

  2. Xilinx Spartan-2 Development kits

  3. Xilinx Spartan-3 Development kits

  4. Xilinx Spartan 3  Development kits (XSA 3S1000 Xess)

  5. Xilinx Virtex-2  Development kits

  6. Xilinx Virtex-4 FX12 PowerPC & MicroBlaze  Development kit

  7. Spartan 2 Ext board (XST 3.0 XESS)

  8. Spartan 3 Ext board (XST 3.0 XESS)

  9. Parallel cable IV (DLC 7)


  • Softwares

  1. ISE Foundation with ISE Simulator 9.2i

  2. System Generator for DSP

  3. AccelDSP Synthesis

  4. Platform Studio and the Embedded Development Kit

  5. PlanAhead

  6. ModelSIM Xilinx Edition-III VHDL

  7. ModelSIM XE-III Verilog.

  8. ChipScope Pro with USB Cable