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Centre of Excellence in FPGAs/ASIC Research (CEFAR) has been established at NIIT.

The two sub groups of CEFAR are:
1.) Group for Reseach in ASIC/FPGA (GRAF) and
2.) Group for Research in Reconfigurable Architectures for Security in Communication (GRASiC).

The group for Research in Reconfigurable Architectures for Security in Communication (GRASiC) mainly focus on designing and developing optimized coprocessors for diverse security applications in FPGAs that ranges from secure telephone to secure satellite communication. The group also investigates optimal techniques for the security in constrained environments (e.g. Smart cards, RFIDs, etc.).  The group also investigates application specific architectures based on FPGAs (e.g. Network on FPGAs).

The main research themes therefore are:

  • Optimized Coprocessors for Communication Security

  • Application Specific Architectures based on FPGAs

  • Security in Constrained Environments

  • Cryptology

Overall Group Objective

The overall objective of  this group is to promote research in areas of FPGA technology and FPGAs based system designs particularly for large number of security applications which are either highly time sensitive (speed is vital) or they are highly area sensitive (resources are minimal). That poses a challenge to the researchers to first investigate security mechanisms highly suitable for that particular application and to optimize its logic or its circuit to fulfill the required specifications.

Application Domain

    •    Embedded systems for Communication Security
    •    Cryptographic hardware
    •    RFID Encryption
    •    FPGAs based system design
    •    Digital Watermarking